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Yes, I was already interested and interested in a general way. So that in April of '39, on the 1st, I met him by chance in Club 21 where I was lunching with Mrs. Norman Winston, Rosita Winston, and he was lunching with General “Wild Bill”, Donovan and General Wood, who was then head of Sears Roebuck. In the room were also Lewis Strauss, who was a friend of Albert Lasker's and of mine, and a man called Max Epstein of Chicago, who was an art collector whom I knew, an important art collector, and who was also a friend of Albert's from Chicago.

Now, both Strauss and Epstein introduced me to him, after the lunch. After the lunch was over, by chance, we were all coming downstairs together and in the hall and, by chance, I was reintroduced to him twice again. But the person that made the impression on him was not me but General Donovan, who told him that I was interested in all kinds of business, that I was very enterprising, and, I suppose, praised me in some way. So that Albert Lasker was determined to see me again.

Now, I had noticed him and I noticed when he went out of the room where we were lunching...


And you knew who he was and...


No, no, I didn't catch his name really until the second or third time, but I noticed him because he was very striking: he had white hair and dark eyebrows and was very, very arresting-looking. And I noticed that he left the room to go to the

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