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His personality, and his ability to speak, and his ability to represent the other side, the opposition to Roosevelt, really. And he had a magnetic quality that attracted people, too. You have to have this in politics. If you're opposition is very magnetic, which it certainly was, you have to have this.

Well, later, I saw that the Republican point of view that Wendell finally had to espouse in the campaign was too conservative for the country and for me, and in 1944 I voted for Roosevelt and have been a Democrat ever since.

But at any rate at this particular party he was there. I did realize that these two men, Simpson and Mack, had political influence in the state and that they might be helpful to Wendell, and I remember consciously trying to bring them together at that time.

There were a large number of other people there, including Albert Lasker and possibly Margaret Sanger, I'm not sure, and possibly Menninger. We had a party with them and I can't remember whether it was that night or not, but if it's of any interest I can look in one of these books and find out.

Let's see, there was also David Sarnoff and many other people. It was a large party.


Did you give many parties like that? Very interesting ones with a galaxy of....


Quite often. Usually, a large one, once a year, yes, like that, with Kay Swift, and she often gave parties with great

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