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arrived--with Audrey, with the Duchess of Kent and Adele Astaire and Bill Rollo and Ali Khan and his first wife, and I think Bill Donovan. The Duke of Kent came later. Bill had flown on the first commercial transatlantic flight to Europe. I asked him about whether there would be a war and he said there would be none. This was July 4, 1939.

Margaret Sanger had given me a letter of introduction to H.G. Wells. I asked him to come to see me at Audrey's house, and he asked me to dine at his house instead. He was charming, quite old. I remember the people there were Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lamont and the Priestleys and the charming old countess who was a great friend of his.


J. B. Priestley?




Do you recall the conversation?


I don't recall the conversation, except that I wanted very much to meet Freud who was living in London at the time, and I asked H. G. Wells if he would arrange it, and he said he would try to but I think he let me know later that he was too ill. Freud was then dying of cancer of the throat. He died about two months later, so I had never met him.

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