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He must have been quite a person.


Oh, he was a fantastic person, an extraordinary person. He was enormously energetic; he was very patriotic and was interested in the law; he made an enormous contribution later on in the OSS, of course; and he was a great friend of mine. I've never known anyone who was more interested in my interests and was more helpful to me, outside of Albert Lasker, who was of course incomparably more interested in me than anybody else.

At any rate, this trip to Europe was very exciting because Mrs. Bouverie had asked me to come to London for balls during the height of the season and really because she felt it would be the end of a whole era. And she was certainly right. She said, “Come, this may be the end for a long time.”

When I arrived there she was ill with a mastoid infection, and it was just before there were any successful drugs for mastoid, but she was given some kind of a sulfa drug which did help her and it brought her out of the pain of the mastoid fairly quickly. But she was out of commission for four or five days. Her house was in Regent's Park, one of the two houses there and it had been decorated by; it was one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen, with marvelous flowers. The gardens of Regent's Park that were around the house were lighted by Wendell and the house overlooked a small pond.

The night I arrived we dined--or the night after I

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