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Interviewee: Mrs. Albert Lasker
Interviewer: John T. Mason, Jr.
January 13, 1965
New York City, N. Y.
Interview No. 32


I know this has been a year of many exciting events and that you have had a finger in many of them, and I am looking forward to hearing about some of these areas. I think you wanted to begin by talking about a conference with President Johnson in midsummer.


Yes; it was on July 24th. I went to see him at the White House, alone in his office, about a quarter of seven on a hot evening, after he'd already been struggling with the Prime Minister of Greece and a representative from Cyprus.


Was it Makarios?


No, somebody representing Cyprus. He saw them in an effort to persuade them to keep peace with each other. He felt very unsuccessful and said that they really wanted to fight each other and he didn't know what the solution would be. He was very tired.

It was a question, whether I should try to talk m at all about anything except the most trivial matters, as y looked wornout. However, I did have three things that needed to be taken up with him. I had waited from about

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