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five o'clock to a quarter to seven to talk to him, and before that I had tried several times, when I had been in Washington, and it had been difficult to get an appointment with him and I felt it might be impossible to get another one before I left for Europe at the end of July. So I went ahead.

I talked to him first about the reorganization of our Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, and left a memo with him which I will give to you. Here it is. I'll read the memorandum, because I think it explains the situation of the present Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, and then I'll give you this copy.

The memorandum says:

“A general consensus exists among thoughtful critics of H.E.W. that there is an immediate need for three additional under secretaries -- one for health, one for education, and one for welfare. Several additional assistant secretaries are also needed.

“The Department of Health, Education, and Welfare is only eleven years old. When it was established by Congress in '53, it had a budget of approximately $2 billion and jurisdiction over 40 programs. [This $2 billion includes the Social Security and Welfare payments, as you know.]

“On April 14, '64, the House of Representatives appropriated $6,200,000 for the activities of H.E.W. during the coming year. This appropriation covers 118 major programs and provides for more than 80,000 employees of

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