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So on your own initiative, you just went ahead and drew this up?


Oh, surely. I don't need anybody to tell me to do anything. I don't know how to get it done without the help of the President; that's the main thing. He was the kind who had no particular reaction to that.


He read it?


No; he listened to me, and then I gave him the memo.

Then I said to him, “You remember that, in '59, you became interested in increasing the budget and the activity of the Office of Saline Water in the Department of the Interior, as you understood they were spending only a million dollars a year on research for cheap methods of desalting water, and you agreed that this wasn't sufficient money. You got Senator Anderson to introduce a bill which enlarged the scope of the this office of saline water, and provided it with $12 million a year for six years. Now this legislation is about to run out, and in any case it is not in any way adequate for the size of the needs for desalting water promptly and quickly and cheaply, on

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