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any vast scale. The Government of Israel is talking about building a desalting plant with an atomic reactor, and they feel that they need a plant that would desalt 250 million to 350,000,000 gallons of water per day. And our representatives have been talking with the Israeli government about this. We've also had meetings with the Soviet government about it. But we're still only spending, for all demonstration and all research, only $12 million.

“Now you wrote an article about this, and you were one of the major protagonists for desalting of water in '59 and '60, and in the campaign. But since then, I know you've been very busy and you probably haven't thought about what has happened. And nothing's happened, because you haven't done anything further about it.”

So he said, “All right. I'll do something.”


You didn't hand him a specific memo on that?


Oh, yes. Here's one. But I hope to goodness she isn't giving you my last memos on these subjects.

The next thing I took up with him was the fact that the Federal government, in many of its Departments -- the Federal government purchases an immense amount of objects,

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