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Here's the memorandum on industrial design I left. I'm still hoping that something will be done about this, and that I will get him together with Mr. Raymond Loewy. In the Kennedy administration, through Mr. LaMoine Billings, at my suggestion President Kennedy saw Raymond Loewy and arranged for him to meet the heads of all major government departments, and he started to make some studies and do some design suggestions for the Coast Guard, for the Post Office Department, and for the Bureau of Internal Revenue. But this is just only the beginning of what can be done.


Has the President mentioned this since that time?


He hasn't mentioned it since, and I have to get after him again about it. Unfinished business.

In July, Mr. Richard Adler and I were working on the thought that we could perhaps gets Mrs. Johnson to have recordings made of artists that perform at the White House, and sell the records as the White House Gallo (?) Records, and make money for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. This, unfortunately, hasn't happened as yet. But I went to see her several times last summer about it -- once, late in July.


Was she stimulated by the idea?

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