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the Inaugural concert, and he asked me to be his cochairman. The Inaugural concert is going to have Van Cliburn and Isaac Stern play, and Tod Duncan and a well-known woman sing, and Howard Mitchell, the head of the Washington Symphony orchestra, is going to conduct. We have decided to have Constitution Hall decorated with really very beautiful bunting, and to give red and white carnations to everyone that comes to the concert, in the hope of making the hall look gay.


That's your touch, the red and white carnations?

Mrs. Lasker:

Yes. And the background of the orchestra is going to be a light blue, which it never was before, and there will be some decorations on the stage which I hope will look pretty.

After that, the Fortases and I are going to give big reception and dance in the reception rooms at the State Department, with the people that entertained at the Kennedy Cater, and the Cabinet, and everyone -- you know, heads of the federal government and theleading Congressmen and Senators, in honor of the Cliburns and Sterns and the other musicians.

So, we will see how that all comes out.


It's appropriate for the Texan to be one of the --

Mrs. Lasker:

Yes. Well, that is just what I discussed with her about the possibilities of making the Inaugural a memorable one. I wanted especially to have beautifully designed, beautiful

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