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decorations on the streets of Washington. It could have been done simply, but in a colorful way, and I wanted the whole thing to lookmemorable.

I don't know that any of this has been done. I know that Mr. Adler is making a great effort to decorate the Armory and that we're making a great effort to decorate Constitution Hall. But there are limitations.

The other things I talked to her about seem to have made more of an impression on her. This is a memo of ways to enrich the Great Society. I urged her, in this memo, to encourage the expression of the humanspirit in the Great Society through the arts, to encourage the performing arts by the quality of entertainments in the White House and by her going, herself, to the theatre, ballet, and opera, to things of great distinction both in New York and Washington. And I urged her to make records of outstanding events at the White House and to stimulate the building and program planning of the Kennedy Center as the future new center of the nation's talent in the performing arts; to encourage leading writers, composers, poets, through meetings at the White House and speeches at major artistic events; to encourage painters, sculptors, and architects by invitations to the White House and visits to important exhibits. She's done this. This is being carried out in this Inauguration.

I also urged her to encourage the development of natural beauty. Now this has come out in the President's State of the Union speech, and she's embraced this idea and talked to

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