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Mary LaskerMary Lasker
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Interviewee: Mrs. Albert D. Lasker
Interviewer: John T. Mason, Jr.
February 9, 1965
New York City
Interview No. 33


Mrs. Lasker, it seems logical that today we should go on to talk about the Inauguration in January. We had talked about the preparations for the Inauguration and the role you were playing in those preparations, and now I'm anxious to hear what happened.


Well, I caught a terrible cold. I hope I'm not the onewho gave it to the President and Mrs. Johnson because, as you know, they were sick afterwards.

I went to Washington on the night of January 17th, and I went to a dinner given by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hass, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Stern, and Mrs. Edgar Stern, which was extremely enjoyable and full of people from all parts of Washington life, including Chief Justice Black, Judge Bazelon, Kenneth Galbraith, and many other interesting and pleasant people.

The next day, I felt perfectly terrible, and stayed in bed all day until it was time to go to the Inauguration Gala, which was being run by a great friend of mine, Richard Adler.


That was in the Washington Armory?

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