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Yes. He had assembled a most marvellous cast of characters to entertain for the President. It was free to all the members of the President's Club, and most of the high-ranking Democrats of the nation, shall we say. The performers gave their services free. Two Broadway shows had to close: Barbara Streisand's “Funny Girl” and Carol Channing. Margot Fontayne and Nureyev came from London to dance, and I must say he was the sensation of the evening. Everyone was staggered by his virtuosity and by the beauty of his performance. Strangely enough, although he's actually very thin, his costume made him look slightly fat. But in spite of this, his performance was staggering both to people who loved ballet and to people who'd never seen a ballet before.

The hall was decorated in the most lively and gay way, although normally it's extremely dreary, under the direction of Mr. Adler, but by Mr. Paddock. I sat up next to the director's box, at a great distance, in order to be near Mr. and Mrs. Adler. Mrs. Adler had greeted the President and Vicepresident with bouquets of white orchids.


I remember your account of the Kennedy Inauguration and the difficulty you had in getting to the ball. Did you have any this time?


No. Thank goodness, the weather was very good,

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