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love to get a copy of it, and will try to get a copy to include in this record.

She said she would like to make a demonstration of what could be done in a city, in Washington, and that she'd asked the people who were present to come to discuss what they felt could be done, and that she'd like to get something started for this spring. She said she'd especially like to make a demonstration in the Mall.

Mr. Victor Gruen was the first one to speak after her preliminary remarks. He was obviously afraid that her efforts were just going to be of a cosmetic nature, and he was all for eliminating all kinds of signs and man-made ugliness of various sorts. Mrs. Johnson, I'm sure, is heartily in favor of that, but I could see that he isn't heartily in favor of flowers and flowering trees. There are many architects who want everything to be architectually beautiful, but dry and cold and no plants and trees at all.


They're not necessarily landscape architects.


They're not for lanscape or color. They're really anti this, and I fear that Gruen is one. I'm not at all show about Nat Owings; he may also be one.

But Mrs. Johnson is quite sure she wants color, as you will see in the interview she did for the U.S. News and World Report, which is really excellent, and which should be put in this record.

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