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I shall do that.


In the midst of the meeting, there was a small commotion while Elizabeth Carpenter got to me over a number of other people and said, in a loud whisper, “The President wants you right away.”

I had an appointment with the President at 5.30, and I had hoped to see him with Mrs. Johnson, in order to talk to him about several matters, but I saw I would have to leave the meeting, which was very disappointing to me because I knew I would never get back to hear what the other people said.

I left, and as soon as I got to the President's outer office, he was busy on the phone and I rested for at least half an hour on a chair while he was talking to somebody else. I finally saw him, and he seemed to be under great pressure. I said at once, “What are you going to do about reappointment of the Surgeon-General?” He said to me, “I promised Lister Hill to reappoint Luther Terry.” I said, “For a full term?” And he said, “Yes, what's the use of reappointing anyone for less than a full term?” I said, “It's too bad, because he really isn't very energetic.” And he said, “He seems energetic enough to me. I just saw him on television.”

Well, I realized there was nothing further I could do about it, so I took up the next subect.


Is he Senator Hill's man?

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