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Where did you acquire it?


I bought it from a dealer when I was looking for some other letters. I thought I'd never give it away, but the State of the Union message was so splendid, and I'd read that Mrs. Johnson was interested in developing the Johnson library, so I said, “I give this to you and Ladybird for the Johnson library. But do not open it. You just give it to Ladybird, but you can read the transcript here.” He glanced at the transcript, but he was so harrassed that he didn't know what he had, and I left him because I wanted to get back to the other meeting. I don't know yet whether Ladybird has seen it or not. But it is a wonderful later.


You will mention it, obliquely, to her?


Oh, yes. I told her I'd give it to him. When I told him, “Don't open it, but give it to Ladybird,” he said, “You like her better than you do me.” And I said, “Well --”

When I returned I saw that they were breaking up that everybody had more or less talked, but I had missed it all, because the President was ready to see me sooner than he had expected.

I found that I was on the subcommittee on planting with Mr. Jett who, as I said, is the head of the National Parks Service, and I'm going to see him tomorrow, to see what ideas he has about planting. I think he looked very harassed, as he felt he'd done quite a bit. He told me they had planted over 150,000

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