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tulips. Well, 150,000 tulips won't make much of a dent on all of Washington. It looks all right in one big bed, but it won't amount to much if it's scattered around.


What are your plans?


Well, I think that all the circles and all the small triangles in Washington ought to have flowering trees and/or shrubs, and ideally have three plantings of flowers -- a spring planting of tulips, a summer planting of geraniums or begorias, and chrysanthemums for the fall -- just as we have in New York. Whether this will be accomplished, I don't know.

I suggested that the reflecting pool of the Lincoln Memorial have jets, fountains -- tubes of water, no fountains showing, no cement or stonework showing.


There is a small oval-shaped area where they have them now, facing 17th Street, which at least used to have jet streams.


Never have I seen it in action. If you had it the whole length of the reflecting pool, with the jets going like this, and lighted them at night, it would be absolutely marvellous.

Then I think that azaleas should be planted all over the edge of it, as azaleas do marvellously well and look very nice when they're not blooming. And that the Mall, where there is no water, should be planted with a double row of flowering cherry trees, and azaleas under them. And perhaps central beds

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