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people who are big executives in the Federal government are at all visual-minded, or know anything about the importance of color. It's got to be in the hands of people who care and who are willing to do something.

In three weeks, we're supposed to have some plans from architects. When I see what the plans are, I'll try to make a gift of some kind that will count, or begin to do something, where it will show. It will cost more than I have to give, to make a really big splash.


One place where it would show beautifully is that piece of triangular ground across from the Willard Hotel.


Oh, yes. There are so many small blank spaces that, if they were planted with a combination of small evergreens and a variety of azaleas, it would be absolutely enchanting. The evergreens alone are very decorative. It really just requires good and thoughtful design. The evergreens look well in the winter when the other things aren't in blom.

Mrs. Johnson's own enthusiasm is so great that I really feel that she's doing this from the heart. And when people do things from the heart and have her strategic position, something happens. So I have great hopes.

Well, that's more or less that, I think.

I saw Richard Goodwin the next day, and he's warmly in favor of Raymond Loewy doing a survey of the various Federal agencies to find out what can be done. He said that

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