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with circular fountains in the rest of it. The fountains will take some time to get done, if we have to make new ones, but the planting could be done immediately.

And, actually, there should be planting right close to the capitol, as you enter the Capitol. There are two oval spaces of about 100 feet long and 60 feet wide. If you planted them with massive flow, everybody that comes to the Capitol would notice it, and it would be beautiful. This is right at the Capitol, where you go in to visit somebody in the Senate. There is just a flat piece of grass that has absolutely nothing on it, near the House entrance and near the Senate entrance. It could be made to look extremely pretty.


Do you have any thoughts about those two obsolete fountains there that haven't played for years?


Well, I think they should all be made to play, and all be lighted. Don't you?


Well, I've often wondered why they don't.


The pipes are probably rusty, or they're saving money by not turning the water on, or I don't know what. At any rate, my motto for them is to pass masses of flowers and flowering trees where masses of people pass, and not put things in parks where they're not seen.

But this is going to be quite a fight. Very few

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