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or red flowers in them. The whole atmosphere transformed the ballroom, and the people at the Waldorf said they'd never seen the ballroom look as well as it did that night.

We also had to do reception rooms on either side so as to make people feel they had not spend their thousand dollars each in vain.

And as andre Mayer and Arthur Krim and I were among the five co-chairman of the ball, we recieved the President and Mrs. Johnson in one of the rooms upstairs, the reception room upstairs; and the minute they arrived, the President had--I should say--a 25-minute telephone conversation with somebody on the subject of the Dominican crisis, which was then at its height. After that we walked on gaily to the reception, where there was another hundred people who had given more than a thousand dollars, who were allowed to shake his hand.


Class distinction.


Yes, class distinction was very strong based on money alone. He then went into the ballroom where he had a very extraordinary chair placed at the table, like an office chair that was upholstered that he could lean back in. He evidently has back trouble, as President Kennedy had, and needs

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