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special chairs everywhere. He was extremely good-natured and agreeable at dinner. I sat next to him on his right at dinner, and Mrs. Arthur Krim sat on the other side, and Mrs. Andre Meyer and Mrs. Gould and I thin Eddie Wiesl sat at the table with us.

At any rate, the music was good and we had not only Lester Lanin but Meyer Davis and perhaps Peter Dulhin. I'm not sure there were three but there were certainly two bands, and the music was really excellent. Everybody danced and seemed to be having a very good time.

During the evening he said to Mrs. Krim and me, “Why don't you come down and visit us?”

So I said, “I'm coming to the conference on natural beauty.”

And he said to Mrs. Krim, “Well, why don't you come too?”

She said, “Well, all right.”

So we agreed to come. Well, we thought he'd forget about this as he was eating dinner, naturally innumerable officeholders took it upon themselves to come up to me or to her or to him to speak to us, or people who were just friends and admirers, and the whole meal was taken up in shaking hands with people and speaking to people he knew or being introduced

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