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the delegates to the conference, and he praised the objectives of the conference and told of his own real interest in the beautification of the whole country and complimented Lawrence Rockefeller for his dedication in this area.


Is Rockefeller really very effective...?


Is very very interested in conservation, especially interested in conservation of forest lands and of seacoast and of natural beauty. My interest in this conference was especially in the planning of highways. Many highways in states built with federal funds have not had any landscaping at all, as you may have noticed. You may have noticed that the New Jersey Turnpike is totally devoid of it. In the State of Illinois the big highways are not planted, and I'm sure in many other states. Well, the President has sent a bill to Congress asking to change the word that three per cent of the total funds for federal-state highways may be used for highways to the word “must” be used for landscaping. Now, if this is done, at least some trees will be finally planted and some showbbery will finally be planted in these awful stretches of highway which now are just the triumphs of engineers but landscapers have never had a hand in them in many states. Isn't this true?


It is true. Will it be possible for some of the funds to be

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