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used for their upkeep, maintenance, care?


I don't know how that's handled. For instance, in New York State the Teconic Highway is superbly cared for, and I think that's a state highway that has maintenance funds. I don't know whether the maintenance would fall on the states afterward or not, but I talked to the head of the office of federal highways in the Department of Commerce, Mr. Rex Whitton, and I was very nervous that Mr. Whitton would be very against the planting of flowers and trees and shrubs. However, he seems quite compliant and interested or moderately interested in the planting of trees and interested especially that they should be indigenous trees and shrubs, which naturally I am, too, because that's the way they'll last and do well; in other words, to plant dogwood in Virginia and blue bonnets in Texas...


And roses in Delaware.


Roses in Delaware and cherries in entrances to Washington would be something highly desirable in my opinion. He does not seem to be averse to this, but I don't have the feeling he's going to be a great crusader unless the bill is passed by

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