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Congress and they're forced to do it, and I'm sure that the state road people are against this because all they want is more roads. They don't care how they're planted or what they look like.

The President was the only one in the whole conference who mentioned the word “flowers.” Everybody else talked about everything else but not flowers. Now, the truth is what gives people joy on highways and what makes the major tourist attraction for Washington are flowering cherry trees; and every state should face the fact that if they want more driving for pleasure, which is the biggest way to get revenue for gasoline and automobile taxes, they should encourage pleasure driving; and the way to encourage pleasure driving is to make something picturesque for people to go to drive to. Isn't this true?


It is. Currently one of the real delights in traveling I think are the ordinary common day lilies that line the highways.


Well, where do you see them lining the highways?


In this past week-end going up to Cooperstown we saw lots of them.


They were consciously planted or had they sprung up by chance?

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