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You know, here is the tidal basin, right here. The idea is to make a grove of trees like this, a large grove and maybe circles of many varieties of cherries which would come in bloom so that there would be an effective bloom of at least two weeks. These are groups of trees. There would still be a great deal of land around the monument and still be the circle of flags and there would still he plenty of space for people to sit for celebrations which occur around the monument.


Fourth of July celebrations.


Yes, but don't you think it would be lovely? Here's the tidal basin and then over here is Haines Point, which I hope will also be decorated with trees and cherries. If I had the money I'd give the whole thing myself. I think it's the most wonderful gift to the nation's capital there is. I'd just give it all. I don't know any country or any individual that's gotten so much credit for anything as the Japanese government got for the cherry at the tidal basin, do you?


Precisely, But isn't it a good policy to interest as many people as possible than that to just do it yourself?

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