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Yes, but it's so hard and you nearly die. It's so exhausting! I'm delighted to interest people, but I get so tired!

Well, at any rate, I thought I had made some dent on the Cregars but so far I haven't heard from them.


How much money would be entailed in such a program?


Oh, it would cost about $120,000.

When I went home two Washington Democratic dinners were taking lace that night, and the Johnsons just took it for granted that I would be bored to go to a Democratic dinner. They said, “We'll just eat a little something and you don't want to go to that. Just stay at home and don't be bothered.” So Mrs. Johnson and Luci and her beau, Caufield, and I ate a little tiny bit of dinner--at least they ate a little tiny bit of dinner--and they had to rush off to these public dinners where they made appearances. The President didn't even come home by nine o'clock to have anything, so he must have had to eat at the dinners where he was to speak. And I went to bed in the Queen's Room and had a delicious time reading magazines and newspapers, calling up my friend Mrs. Mahoney.

The next morning Mrs. Johnson wanted to see me at

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