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people don't know what they're doing or what they're giving to and they're confused. Don't you agree?


You have the practical application in the foundations which existed--your own, for instance--and any number of others have a single purpose which they pursue, which they promote. Only the huge ones are in different areas.

Have the Johnsons talked about the proposed Johnson Library or was this the first time that you saw any indication of the interest in it?


No, she had mentioned the Johnson Library before and that she was thinking about it and that she wanted to get information about how to go about it. Now, Mrs. Juanita Roberts and another archivist joined us there that morning, and they seemed to have already started in '58 to collect Johnson's papers and information and photographs and a great deal of information about Johnson's life and works; and I think they're very well along as far as the material goes. I asked about oral histories, as I said, and they said it's very hard to get anybody to do anything currently. I have a feeling that Mrs. Johnson herself has some tapes that she herself is making but she isn't talking about it, and I'm sure that sometime Mrs. Johnson will write a wonderful book.

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