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When that will be, I don't know.


Does she keep a diary or do anything of that sort?


I think she's organized. She knows what her appointments are. She's probably kept notes on things and that she doesn't even need to do much more than what they've already gotten together with which, with some help, she'd be able to write something very interesting. She has a lovely and personal turn of phrase when she talks or writes, when she makes a little public talk. She talks in a very special and kind of sensitive way, and I think she could write something very very interested, and I think they're well-organized. The only thing I'm worrying about is that they have the advise of the very best people, and I would hope I some time could get Mr. Nevins and Mr. Catton and maybe you and your wife to talk with her about what their plans are.


I'm sure that Allan Nevins would delight in that because it's so much the center of his...


This is what he likes, yes. Well, I'd love to bring them together.

Mrs. Johnson and I in our visit on the way to the Roosevelt Library did talk about various plans for the fall

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