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about her beautification plans, but nothing is so specific that it's worth mentioning.


The only specific thing actually then is the proposal before Congress to make it mandatory that three percent of the federal funds should be spent for highways.


But I'm sorry to say that I forgot to tell you that the President has also sent a bill prohibiting junkyards on the side of public highways and prohibiting billboards any place nearer than a thousand feet from a federal highway and in fact any place except in commercial districts of cities. I wish he'd just prevent billboards period, but this is a tremendous advance if the bill passes, don't you agree?


Does it have a good chance?


I don't know. Every other piece of Johnson legislation seems to be passing because he has such overwhelming support in Congress at the present moment. Those three pieces of legislation are before the Congress.

I did talk to Mrs. Johnson about the fact that we needed to get money for the District of Columbia to do the things that are necessary to plant simple plantings around the schools after

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