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this discourages more new funds, don't you agree? At any rate, we certified that we had raised $16,300,000, so there's a leeway of $600,000, and I feel quite sure that this will be accepted--may be with some little argument--but I think it's really in the stage of being able to say now that it will be built. I must say there were many moments when I thought I was willing to let the whole thing go, and there were times when the other very few people who were deeply interested in it felt the same. And if just a few of us hadn't continued, I think the money would not have been matched and it would have been let go; so that it's going to be interesting to see in future what the history of the influence of this center is.


You started with an awfully high sum of money involved, didn't you?


Yes, well, initially the bill was passed under the Eisnnhower administration. It was called then the National Cultural Center in this bill. It had a bad name. “Culture” is a bad word or certainly was a bad word, and it was hard to raise money for this. It was also something set up by the Congress, and the Congress provided some land which was worth

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