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because you're kind of desperate. Normally you can get up and do something else or you're not there, but Mr. Luro or Mrs. Luro asked me what I was interested in. I told them I was interested in medical research. Mrs. Mahoney and I gave them a real fight talk. They were only interested in horse racing. We gave them a real fight talk about the subject of medical research and how little of it was being done and how much of a struggle it was to get any money to do anything in any major fields.

Well, they were extremely agreeable and socially charming, and we thought that we hadn't made any impression on them and certainly thought we had wasted our time in talking about it. However, about six months passed and one day the phone rang in my house in Beekman Place, which rings only in a broom closet on the third floor. Nancy said to me, It's a friend of Mrs. Luro's.” I was very surprised to hear from a friend of Mrs. Luro's, but I went to the phone and the voice said, “This is Dr. Sanger. I've heard from Mrs. Luro how much interested you are in medical research, and I certainly agree with you about it all. I've tried to do something about heart research. I've had a very tough time, and I appealed to General Clark in North Carolina. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, and General Clark is the head of the Citadel. we're trying to get Eisenhower to put more money in the budget for heart research. We want to get a billion dollars for heart research.”

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