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Pepper and Senator Bridges to sponsor a bill for research in heart disease in 1948, which was passed in June of '48 and which by hook and by crook Mrs. Mahoney and Mrs. Hoffman and I got signed by the President, Truman, who was on a campaign train and when it was very difficult to net the bill to him...


It had to go by special courier.


Yes, it had to go in a pouch and practically be dropped on the train. It any rate, this was because I realized that although there was no money being spent at all on heart research, it was the main cause of death. The main cause of heart diseases is artherio-scleroscis and very little was being done about it, still too little now, but at least the federal government now is spending around $125 million a year and at that time it was spending about zero in '48.

One year Mrs. Mahoney and I were coming back from Europe--I think it was about 1956--on the United States, and we met two friends of hers, Mr. and Mrs. Horatio Luro. And on one of those nights when you're dining with people and you're in the middle of the sea and there's nothing else to do and they ask you a question, you finally answer the question

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