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great party by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. He came home and he does as many as 12 operations in a day. Then he went to Boston and then Washington and the next week to Israel. He is the most extraordinary person in balance and seemingly calm, but he admits to sometimes having migraine headaches, which is a sign that there's stress someplace. Isn't that amazing?


That's quite a story.


Now he tells me that she's having some kind of a celebration in Paris, about what I don't know, but she expects me to come on the 28th of October. Now, for him to go to Paris is like my going down to Lord & Taylor's or Bergdorf Goodman's. For me to go to Paris for three or four days or even a week and come home is very fatiguing and upsetting, but I'm going to have to do it in order to please Dr. DeBakey.

That's the story of Princess Lilianne, who is extraordinarly beautiful and determined woman who trips herself up in some curious way and who has never gotten any substantial money in the United States. She did raise a few hundred thousand dollars in Belgium, maybe half a million dollars, possibly as much as a million, and she does have a clinic which does function under her auspices and does see that people get

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