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operated on. She's the only layman in Europe that is interested at all in medicine that I know about, and she's had a terrible time.


And she's interested because of something that happened...


That happened in her family. I think this is something that triggers everybody, but lots of people have things that happen to their families and they never get triggered, isn't it true?

Well, that's that. that next did I say?


You wanted to talk about the bill before Congress.


Oh, yes. This is a continuation of our efforts to get clinical centers for cancer, heart disease and stroke as a result of the cancer, heart disease and stroke commission's recommendations. Now, Dr. DeBakey was the chairman of that. The commission recommended that centers should be established throughout the United States and stations for stroke victims and heart attack victims and diagnostic centers for cancer patients and treatment centers, and that the first year's appropriation should be $350 million. The bill carries $50 million.

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