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But Mrs. Wrightsman gives me the greatest pleasure. They have wonderful taste and love works of art, the 18th century especially. But many other people are involved. But actually I'm self-driven. I couldn't say there is any one person who would say, “Now just stop worrying about this and just pick up.” I pick myself up when I'm discouraged. Most of the people I've been very fond of and an fond of are not interested in this at all and are even bored by any reference to it.

Jane MacDonough, my secretary, and Ruth Mayer, who has done public information for the foundation, have been tremendously helpful. They see things from the same point of view that I do and they're willing to work in various ways that are very helpful to me, Jane has been with me for so long that she's the greatest amount of background, and her point of view is the same that mine is as to what should be done.


Your sister is also


Oh, yes, one of the great joys in my life is that my sister in recent years has become an ally, especially since I assigned her to tuberculosis because she didn't believe that any people could be as wicked and bad as I had described the TB Association as being.

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