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His wife says that he's very interested. But they're just great personal friends.

There may be another couple score of people who have helped me in various important ways or given me a great deal of pleasure, but there's no sense in going into a big list like that.

I think that's about it.


Who among this group encourages you to continue to fight when you meet with real opposition? Who is outstanding in that respect?


Well, Mrs. Mahoney is always willing to continue. She's now on the board of the Child Health and Human Development Institute, which is a new institute that was started by President Kennedy and his sister, Mrs. Shriver. She's very interested in that because it relates to birth control and the whole business of human aging. I'm interested, too. She's very interested. Other friends of mine are the Wrightsmans who are interested in art, and I have many friends who are interested in art. The Wrightsmans are now interested in New York University and have persuaded me to go on the board of New York University, which will be a lot of trouble and expense--I can foresee that.

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