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Interview No. 3 - October 26, 1962


Mrs. Lasker, it's good to see you again for this third interview. Last time, when you broke off, you were talking about your growing romance with Mr. Lasker and you said something about his health at the time. You haven't said anything very much of your own personal activities during this period. Obviously they were very extensive, and would you care to say something about them now?


Well, my activities late in '39 and early in '40 were very much concerned with making a living and I was still very interested in the Hollywood Patterns Company and in my investments and in the activities of Raymond Loewy, who was one of the outstanding industrial designers then, as he is now. I interested Albert Lasker in Raymond Loewy's skills for various businesses and he was very impressed by him and got the American Tobacco Company to employ him and it was Raymond Loewy who redesigned the Lucky Strikes package and took the green off the cover of the package. He certainly improved the looks of it. He also designed a new Frigidaire for Sears Roebuck, who was one of Albert's clients, and it changed their sales of Frigidaires from 16th among refrigerator sales to 2nd and I think later to 1st. At any rate, Raymond Loewy's doings were a great success.

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