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He must have been very grateful to you for your assistance in directing his efforts.


Well, Loewy was grateful, and a friend--he and his wife were both friends--but I got a commission for what I did, so it was part of my business activities actually. And Mr. Lasker and everybody knew this.

But the thing that interested me most about Albert Lasker was his interest in public affairs, not only in his interest and his brilliance in business--he was really a business genious, both as an advertising man and as a businessman. His greatest rivals would say, even Durstein said to a beau of mine who was furious that I knew him and liked him and who wanted to find only criticism of him--he went to Durstein to find out if he couldn't find something that would be wrong about Albert Lasker to tell me, to discourage me in my interest in him--“Well, Albert Lasker is a business genius. He not only knows how to tell a client how to do advertising, but he knows how to advise him about changing his business and how to make money out of his business.” And my friend found no comfort at all from this.


And the competition grew.


And the competition grew, from my husband's competitors.

But one of the most significant parts of our relationship

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