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became his interest in what I was interested in. He was anxious to promote what I was interested in. I remember--you asked me about Planned Parenthood and what I did about it--when I first knew him I was very interested in raising money for the Planned Parenthood Federation and he talked to me about it and said he was interested and his sisters were, and what had I in mind, did I have any special project. I had indeed a project in mind: to send a representative to some of the Southern states. And he gave me $10,000 at once toward this project, of sending a representative to talk to the health commissioners of North Carolina and I think of South Carolina.


You were interested in teaching some of the Negroes no doubt.


Yes, in making birth control part of their public health programs, which was possible in the South, where it wasn't at all possible, for instance, in Connecticut or Massachusetts.

But one day he said to me, “What do you want to get done in life? What are you most interested in?” I said, “Well, I'm really most interested in trying to get legislation for national health insurance. I'm interested in health insurance, cancer research and research against tuberculosis.”

And he said, “Well, for that you don't need my kind of money. You need federal money, and I will show you how to get it.” Now, he meant: how to get it to apply to these purposes. He had been the head of the Shipping Board in 1922 and '33, and it was

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