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In Chicago, at the Democratic National Convention, we were with Anna Rosenberg and Mrs. Charles Poletti, I remember, during a speech made by Paul McNutt when he was being nominated for the Vice presidency. However, behind the scenes Harry Hopkins manipulated for Henry Wallace at Roosevelt's request and nothing came of the enormous ovation for McNutt.


Were you impressed with McNutt?


He was extremely handsome; he wasn't impressive except that he was very beautiful. What he said wasn't so impressive but he was very handsome, unbelievably handsome.

The next day we took the boat that Albert and his partner, Kenneth Smith, had, in which Albert had an interest because they had some business deal on it, and sailed up Lake Michigan to Milwaukee. It had a crew of about 24 men, plus Albert's barber and my maid, Nancy Morris.


She's the same one you still have.


Yes, same one.

It was about 150 feet and the master cabin was the width of the boat and air-conditioned, a thing very necessary for me as I hate heat. However, we went only as far as Milwaukee Harbor as it was very rough on Lake Michigan. There we stayed for about three days, went to visit my friends the Pabsts in Oconomowoc and

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