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to see the Robert E. Lyons and to see Ernest Maler and Nina. And although we indended to go across Lake Michigan to visit Paul de Kruif in Holland, Michigan, the water of the lake was still so rough that Albert sent for a car and we motored back to his place in Lake Forrest, the eavenly Mill Road Farm. He had given this to the University of Chicago about six months before, but as we had no place to go, he had rented it from them for about six weeks.


Is it still maintained as he had it then?


No. In the midst of the war they sold it off and handled it very badly. I'll tell you about that in detail if you are interested sometime.

But at this time it was still as he had used it. It was the loveliest country place I had ever seen anywhere in the Western world. We had various friends who visited us there in that six weeks, including the Winstons and General Donoran and many others.

In September we returned to New York, to a lovely apartment in the Hampshire House, and spent our first Christmas there together.

In this fall I worked entirely for the Birth Control Federation, which I thought then and still think now is the most important cause there is. It involves an enormous economic problem throughout the world; it's an enormous

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