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human and health problem; and it is also mixed up with the greatest amount of ignorance and hypocrisy and prudery I have ever known. And I felt that as long as I was very happy myself that I should do something hard that might make a major contribution, if we were successful. Albert was interested in it. He was willing to help me with publications, because at that time one could hardly get anything mentioned about birth control; newspapers and magazines were very difficult. And the Cowles Brothers were very sympathetic; they did run an article in Look magazine, but the editor of Look told us that they had had three cancellations of pages of advertising. And I recall that I besought Albert to see that his agency made up the advertising to them. I would not be at all surprised if he did that and did more than that. But it was that hard to get anything said about the subject.


Did this come as a surprise to you?


No, I knew it, but I felt that as long as Albert was interested in it, as long as he had a great deal of influence in the press and radio when he wanted to use it, that this was the best possible cause that one could use it for. But it was unbelievably sticky and difficult. There were Catholic city editors on every paper and there were Catholic advertisers who complained every place, and it was altogether very complicated.

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