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Well, these are some of the personal experiences that led me to the feeling that not enough was being done about medical research or about health insurance in the United States. And you can say, “Well, what did you do about it?”

Well, actually I did do something about it, with the help of Albert Lasker and many other people. And now, through the Federal Government and through the establishment of new Institutes of Health and urging of larger appropriations for those which were already in existence, which were only two, it now is over three billion dollars later than when we first started, which was really in 1944. About three billion dollars has been spent by the Federal Government during that time. This is relatively little as compared to what will be spent in the next 10 years, because now we hope that with the Federal Government and with one city and several states giving funds that the pace will increase. Really, it has only reached the large sums, such as we had appropriated this year by the Congress of 880, million dollars, in the last few years.


Mrs. Lasker, having had all these experiences as you grow up and in your mature period, what finally led you to seek Federal funds, to use this avenue instead of the private sources?


Well, I've actually used both. I've aided in the establishment of voluntary organizations, which I'll describe to

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