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However, this only one thing for which ACTH and cortisone are useful. They're useful in allergic eye conditions, in allergies of various kinds, including hay fever, asthma, and in about 40 different disease conditions, including serious skin diseases like lupaserathematosis, ciriahsis. And the dramatic thing, to me, is that they suppress inflammatory conditions of the eye, and I have seen a friend who had an eye almost as bad as my husband's recover within a few days after the use of ACTH and cortisone in large doses. It seems to suppress inflammatory conditions of the eye that are caused by two diseases called iritis and coriditis, and they've revolutionized the treatment of these eye diseases. They've revolutionized the treatment of asthma, of severe asthma, and of allergies. There are still not cures for arthritis or usually for anything, but the use of them often causes the disease to subside. It may recur, but then the drugs can be used again.


Have these drugs been perfected to the point where the drastic side effects which originally were apparent have been eliminated?


That's a matter of control of the dosage, and the dosage is very, very important, and each type of disease requires a different knowledge as to how often they should be taken and in what dosages. For instance, if you have a sudden allergy--I once had an allergy to barium. I was having a routine medical checkup and I had some chocolate barium and my face blew up. Well, my

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