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doctor gave me a small amount of cortisone and, fortunately, I went to an eye doctor for glasses within a few hours, and I was in despair because my face was so swollen, and he gave me a massive dose of ACTH, and I was all right fairly quickly. But if I had had just a small amount, it might have been days before this allergy disappeared. There's a tremendous amount to be known about dosage in different kinds of disease conditions, and as I say, they affect about 40 different kinds of disease states.

The announcement of the discovery and usefulness of cortisone by Hench and Kendall. Hench was from Mayo and I forget what Kendall's association was at that moment. At any rate, the announcement was made at an arthritis meeting, I think, early in 1948. And I will describe later what we did to get it tested and available on a large scale, because the United States certainly led the world in the exploration of its use, as well as in its isolation and discovery.

Now, I would like to go back to 1943. It was in the war. As you know, I was interested in a campaign for air power and for high priority for the manufacture of long-range bombers and fighters, and it was considered a great triumph when Donald Nelson gave an A-priority to planes which were brought up from something like D to a number-one priority over tanks. This was considered absolutely a marvelous victory, because the attitude then was that planes were just auxiliaries.

I'd like also to say that as part of the air power controversy that I'd been interested in it because I had read an

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