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because she was interested in the maneuver of it and in health problems, whereas my husband was really only interested in results and was perfectly willing to let me do what I wanted and willing to finance work, but he didn't want to hear about the details of it. He wasn't interested in health; it frightened him really, medical problems and illnesses frightened him, and he knew absolutely nothing about them and didn't want to learn. But he wanted to see results in the field and he was willing to let me use my time as long as it didn't take much time away from him or from the things he wanted to do.

Well, it happened that this March of 1944, we were having a pleasant visit with the Mahoneys, and I explained to them how little was going on, for instance, in cancer research. They made an enormous effort and organized Miami and instead of Miami raising eight or nine hundred dollars that year it raised $35,000.


This was for the Cancer Society.


Yes, the Cancer Society. And this showed that the whole business of making a campaign for cancer in any public way was fully unheard of at the time.


They were fortunate allies of yours, weren't they?


They were very fortunate allies. Florence and Albert and I realized that voluntary funds wouldn't be enough and that you

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