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have to have Federal legislation and Federal funds to get anything substantial done.

About this time I heard that Senator Pepper was Chairman of the subcommittee in the Senate on Wartime Health and Education, and by chance I met him in a New York restaurant, the Voisin, I think, and I was very anxious to talk with him. I was introduced to him at that time.

I explained to my husband that Pepper might be helpful in Federal legislation in the health field, and my husband said, “Well, he's from Florida. I'm sure I can interest Cox and Mahoney in supporting him, as he's going to run for reelection in '44, and this would certainly be helpful to you if you want him to do anything in the field of legislation.”


An added stimulant.


Yes, as especially the paper was powerful in the southern part of Florida. My husband did indeed talk to Cox and Dan Mahoney about Senator Pepper and they did agree to support him.

So, in the summer of '44 Pepper sent two men from his staff to call on Albert and me to discuss hearings, which Pepper had decided to hold about national health. I suggested to these two field members, Dr. Truslow and Mr. Field, that the most important aspect of improving health in the United States was more medical research. Since the war had started, in '41, between 10 and 15 million dollars had been spent by the

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