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health at all. She realized that I was right about it and she was willing to help me wherever she could. It wasn't a natural preoccupation of hers at all.


Here, again, is an instance where your own personal enthusiasm put someone else on fire.


Well, she was always extremely helpful to people that she liked and to any cause that she thought was constructive, and she is enormously energetic.

Well, in any case, there were hearings on this bill, and Florence and I went to Washington at the time. We were extremely distressed because the medical research section was to be only part of the National Science Foundation's efforts and this wasn't our conception at all. We felt there should be two equal efforts: one in the area of the physical sciences and one in the area of medical science.


Were you afraid that the medical aspect would be overshadowed by the other?


We were sure it would be, and I'm sure that it would have been. However, the National Science Foundation fell afoul of some opposition, partly because some of the people who were in favor of it were said to be Communist sympathizers. Now, whether this was true or not, I don't know, but in any case there was difficulty

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