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with the bill and it didn't pass.

We were distressed by this, and...


What efforts did you personally make to help in its passage at this time?


Well, we got to Know Senators Kilgore and Magnusson and we urged people to be in favor of it, and as a matter of fact, I think I helped to pay for a lobbyist who was supposed to aid in its passage.

It was in the spring of '45 that Pepper decided to combine his bill for a National Medical Research Found ation with the bill that was developed from Vannevar Bush's report and call it the National Science Foundation Bill. Both Florence and I felt that the combined bill underestimated and belittled the importance of medical research.

In the spring of '45, the war in Europe was just ending and there were great changes and the attention of people really wasn't on the problem.


Wasn't it rather unfortunate that the personal activities and personal political philosophy of certain people interested in this bill should destroy the bill itself?


You're completely right. What scientific research was done was then done under the Defense Department and various other

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