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know how we'd come out.

The next day we called on Leslie Biffle, our friend, and all the Senators we knew to see what could be done about the motion to recommit the bill. To get a vote to prevent the recommitting of the bill was a long-winded procedure and it was described by Biffle. Weeks passed during which I could scarcely stand the suspense, because they just tabled the thing.


Was this a tactical move on Taft's part, because he felt opposition to...


He was just against spending more money for research; he just didn't believe in it, was just a conservative.

Weeks passed and about the 1st of June the Senate voted to keep the figures they had voted the 29th of April for the Appropriations bill, plus the amendments, and we were safe in the Senate. Then came the business of the conference with the House.


This is the rough part.


This is the rough part, because the confereress always included Clarence Cannon. He was chairman of the House committee and he was always on all conferences and he was hell bent on economy, and we didn't know him, and we asked Senator Murray to get an appointment for us with Cannon, as he was the chairman of the full Appropriations Committee of the House. Now, Murray may

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